We strongly believe that prevention is better than cure. To ensure that your oral health is maintained and to help prevent disease we encourage regular check-ups.  Routine visits allow your dentist to recognise and treat the early onset of cavities, gingivitis, and other problems. We take various measures to help reduce the likelihood of decay and gum disease such as instructions in oral hygiene, tooth brushing, diet advice and Fluoride application.

Hygiene and Stain Removal

At My Dental Surgery, our experienced Dental Hygienists help our patients to attain optimal gum health, by educating them on how to best clean and look after their gums and teeth, and also by providing hygiene therapy (scaling/deep scaling) to remove plaque and calculus deposits which form on the teeth. Some patients with very persistent gum disease may however require referral to a gum specialist. 

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Smoking Cessation Advice

Dentists are in an ideal position to identify some of the negative effects smoking has in patients’ mouths. It is therefore important that as dentists we advise you of the risks related to smoking tobacco and support you with quitting. 

Mouth Cancer Screening

Every year approximately 5000 people in the UK are diagnosed with some form of oral cancer, early detection is crucial to ensure you get the correct treatment as soon as possible. As part of your regular check-ups, your dentist will check for any irregularities or indications that you may have oral cancer and refer you to a specialist. Having regular check-ups means that any early warning signs are picked up as early as possible and we can advise you as necessary.