Do you play at active sport? A custom made mouthguard is a essential equipment piece which could protect you from a serious dental injury.

Functions of a Custom Made Mouthguard

  • Spread the forces of a direct blow around the dental arch and mouthguard
  • Prevent lacerations to gums, tongue and cheeks
  • Reduce the risk of dento-alveolar fractures
  • Reduce risk of avulsed teeth
  • Prevent concussions

Benefits of a Custom Made Mouthguard

  • Handmade by skilled Dental Technicians
  • Incorporate individual needs based on wearer's dental health and type of sport
  • Maximises strength in desired areas
  • Minimizes speech impairment
  • Increase wearers compliance due to comfort and individual styling
  • Excellent retention, maintaining wearers comfort
  • Improve airway patency
  • Increased SpO
  • Balance the masticatory muscles to enhance performance